St. Peter's Historical Table Book Project

Historic St. Peter's Church is the longest running church in Western PA

Historic St. Peter's Church is the longest running religious institution in Western PA.  Stephen Beckman shot the new images as part of a coffee book that will be used as a gift to church donors.

Table Book

History of St. Peter's Church

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in this project and contribute 25 images to the book.  I look forward to working on other projects in the future for St. Peter's and other organizations within Brownsville.

Building a Place for Brownsville Youth

The book is being primarily used as a thank for donors of the capital drive to build the youth center which is so  needed in Brownsville.  If you are interested in helping the church reach it's goal please contact the church office at 724.785.7781 or E-mail Fr. Tim at The church has raised $700,000 of the $1 million target.  Please help make the final push and ensure the youth center becomes a reality for Brownsville youth.

IRon Bridge Crossing Historical Project

Bringing Photographic History to the Community

Iron Bridge Crossings is recently completed TREK development project in the historical district of Brownsville.  It contains 24 senior living apartments and Stephen Beckman was retained to build an exhibit of historical Brownsville photography.  It had to be approved by multiple county and state historical authorities prior to display.  This is another community project that Stephen Beckman and the Cast Iron Gallery team completed to expanding our reach in  the community.